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    offered gfs pussy to turk on beach

    Took these shots of my hubby on the beach recently. He was very aroused as you can see. I had to stoke him off. It was a thrill because of the risk of getting caught. Hope you like him. Love to share comments with ladies, especially in UK..

    July 2017 8:21:58

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    Wank at beach, people watch me

    Fetish Masturbation By Police Officer - She was very horny and mastrurbated on top of me in bed. I took the pics. Hope you enjoy them. She is still a bit shy, so good comments will certainly bring more photos. thanx

    July 2017 13:28:24

  • Pellentesque sollicitudin iaculis gravida

    Hi people, It's been some time since I posted some photos of Claudia. She still has that fantasy about having sex with two guys at the same time, but I think the opportunity is getting nearer. We took some photos in various places, Best wishes, (PDPMEM)

    July 2017 12:23:3


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    Wrote nikko85

    Now all I want to do is find that place so I can go watch

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    Wrote mslayme

    Great tits on this captive woman.

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    Wrote cross_eyed

    Cap d'Adge, France!

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    Wrote freaky_72

    her phone number please

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    Wrote comsome

    Wow, what a great scene. She is such a hottie.

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    Wrote bbkundisu

    The cunt at 2:40 ... She knows it too.

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    Wrote damnyanke

    Thumbs straight up for this fucking Hot vid. I love MILFs, and this MILF is Awesome! thanks for sharing!

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    Wrote parcival84

    amazing ;____;

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    Wrote gnico

    Lovely girl, friendly guy, nice couple, not staged at all.

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    Wrote cigardad4

    enormous ass in the beachi love sex on my beach .. the thrill of being in the open is great

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    Wrote KLEO34

    Beautiful Pussy, sexy fun lady..!

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    Wrote Andy_33

    Like it;)

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    Wrote asdfzxh

    i absolutely would condemn and oppose any government official doing this representing a government. but if its in the context of just inter personal bdsm this is a hot scene. i wonder if the actress was really hit with the belt. it sounds like she had a couple of orgasms (every 12 lashes or so). very hot.

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    Wrote courther

    beautiful and sweet girls

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    Wrote h0tty

    enormous ass in the beachnettes Mädchen

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    Wrote chazbones

    Wow, das ist einfach nur GEIL !!!! Ich will auch !!!!

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    Wrote kermes69

    was she hiding from the eyes of someone?

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    Wrote CandidSpa

    it's a dream for me!

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    Wrote oputzu1

    Loved that final scene!

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    Wrote el_b

    enormous ass in the beach{/PROB}Nice video , average performance by them though Would a woman really do this to a stranger? i think she is clean now....

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    Wrote kombie18

    enormous ass in the beachvelký, aby verejne some set of tits on that german not british bitch and the whore sucks cock good too. awesome!!!! I wanna go. anyone want to join me? :)

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    Wrote Gaaas

    enormous ass in the beachthis wife is really hot ! I remember the last sex action I had on the beach..hummm.. thx! How could this clown not be hard when this little cutie started sucking his dick. I was just watching her

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    Wrote ilovetitts

    enormous ass in the beachEine nette 'Hupfdohle'. fucking dam! I've seen this guy in several vids, fucking grannies, young girls and even other guys. Love the faces of pleasure she makes! i love watching women in toilets That's a mean sunburn she has :S very good hot tits

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    Wrote airstream58

    enormous ass in the beachDamn that girl has sexy tits...!

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    Wrote riverrat_

    enormous ass in the beachI'd pay mass cash to be him! niiiice,goood That was hot. :-) sweet fuck! Firmly believe that the guy who made this video works in the Medical, physiotherapist, osteopath ...

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    Wrote spanner12

    enormous ass in the beachVery enjoyable.............

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    Wrote lustforli

    enormous ass in the beachSuper plage pour belle sodomie

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    Wrote sprunchDBQ

    enormous ass in the beachCan't believe I missed it! Straight to fav. Right on. Sexy Spring shoots through my thighs liege nackt balkon schaue porno nachbaaaaaaaar

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    Wrote lance360

    enormous ass in the beachexelant awwwwwwwwww thats it I love to flash like this and yes there are women out there that will watch and enjoy the show! Flashing on public trans is too tame for me I will always flash like this, much more satisfying! I agree. It's not easy to know how people really take these things. One must hope children never get to see these things irl. But less offensive acts are doable, albeit illegal...I did something like this on a beach many years ago. Didn't intend someone to see it, but a middle-aged woman did notice me just when I came. She was probably offended because she belonged to a sex-free group of old time nude bathers, but she quickly turned her eyes away. I was only a little embarrassed. Now it has become a nice memory.

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    Wrote gotoseven

    enormous ass in the beachCHM? EURONAT? LA GENNY? And yes she was loud, very loud. Got some raised eyebrows from some of the guests in the neighbor rooms the next day. LOL* I came so hard watching this! Horny lil' lady! Great clip! :) Laurence et Alizee I'd empty my bank account for one full night with her! Sexy nice girl. I like! Awesome natural and hairy bush just like they ought to be! They both seem to get off on it more when they rea;ise they're being watched.

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