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If nudism was more prevalent in the world wouldnt rape

Written by admin on March 23, 2008 – 10:16 pm -

Just a thought to ponder...
If nudism was more prevalent in the world wouldnt rape increase dramatically because then a man would just have to stick his penis in the bare vagina of any woman on the street.

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Written by admin on March 23, 2008 – 10:14 pm -


  1. My first reaction was... "how stupid", but actually ... after some thought your statement may make sense in a way. If you mean by "more prevalent in the world" to mean prevalent in the textile world, your theory could be right. I believe, because of the close knit relationship of naturalist life styles, it is much more likely that rapists are expunged before they can find a victim. But if nudity were to begin to permeate the rest of the world it is possible that rape would increase, at least for a short time. Remember, rape is usually not about just sex it is a power or control ... rage crime. Victims are often picked as a matter of convenience, so it is possible that two potential victims, one being clothed and one being nude, could affect the rapist’s decision. However, don't you think it might be just a likely that he would attack the clothed woman just because he may think it would cause her more humiliation then the one showing her skin? Rapists do not think like the rest of society (they are worthless, sickos) and certainly not like those who chose nudism. Bottom line lets try to rid the world of them as they show themselves.
  2. As JJ pointed out, rape is not about nudity. It's an act of rage, hate actually. Since nudism and nudist venues are very relaxing and a safe atmosphere, there would be fewer rapes should nakedness increasingly be accepted. Cheri
  3. If it worked that way then countries with warmer weather, where people were less clothing, would have more rapes. Indigenous tribes, who live totally or allmost totally in the nude, would have a lot of rapes.. Actually, the number of rapes (as any other violent crime) depends strongly on the kind of society, richness, and happiness of people. AlexMol
  4. I have more than five female friends who were raped, (one is an ex-g/f) and their experiences had nothing pertaining to nudism. They were all clothed, and it was a sick person who violated each and every one. A rapist is going to strike regardless of the victim's current state: clothed, naked, or any other variation. It takes an extremely contorted individual to commit such a brutal act against another human being. Nudism is a whole other entity.
  5. If everybody was nude in a warm place well men have more erections in warmth. And in chilli weather guys are smaller down there. It might sound silly but I wonder if that makes warmer countries more likely to have rapes, not just if everyone was nude but just as it is now clothed.
  6. Real men know their role is to support and protect the women and children, particularly when the children are young and vulnerable. Maybe that is why we couple up. There certainly seems to be good reason to think that is what nature has designed us for. I ask you, what could be sexier than bringing up the next generation? Nothing else seems to make us as happy. Isn't that at the very core of what sex is all about? I believe nudism helps men see women and children as they are, as people, rather than property to be owned or as domestic animals to be used.
  7. A true nudist guy would always look at every nude lady with respect. It doesnot mean that he is gay or something like that, but it means he is a decent guy. Any nudist guy would be ready to put his penis inside a nude lady but his decency alway stops him. In India it has been found that out of the ladies who were raped, a majority were well dressed.
  8. There have been some instances of people raped at nudist camps, one of them occuring amongst teenagers in a Florida club as told by a friend of mine. However, rape has nothing to do with nudism or sex when you really look at it. It has everything to do with abuse of power and lust. :-S 'Fear wraps our bodies in clothing, love allows us to stand naked' - Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations With God 1)
  9. I am quite skeptical of this whole thread. Even if you take into account that some people are just "crude" in nature, I cannot tell if the intent of this thread was a SERIOUS question, or merely an attempt to fuel a sexual discussion.
  10. Very true indeed! Although I have to admit I have posted on the "erection issue" several times in an attempt to "persuade" a couple of members that erections are "not common courtesy" in nudist environments... but to no avail... Anyway... (back on topic)... I feel that the act of rape has been committed in probably every single environment in existance... whether it be in a clothing setting or in a nudist environment... from ancient times to the current 2007... I don't think that rape would "increase dramatically" (as the author of this thread wrote) if nudism was "more prevalent" in the world... In fact, I think it would drop dramatically in an instant... In other words, if nudism became the "norm" in society, I know I wouldn't be out there raping women just because they are nude... (I do have strong values and common decency...) and I would bet that 99.8% of the "real" men out there wouldn't either... I just don't know why this thread was started in the first place... Just my 2 cents worth...
  11. I don't believe the state of dress would have any impact on the situation, the problem is inside the heads of the perpetrators, not the attire of the victim. Whilst there are sick people about who are unable to control their urges there will be rape, so how their victim is dressed may affect their actions, lets face it, a lot of textiles see nudity as being sexual, so a nude woman is (To them.) an open invitation. Rape is a violent crime and shouldn't be played down in any way, all violations of a person should be reported to the police. Pete Knight
  12. I can not believe this sanitized wet dream became a topic! AND HOW DOES THIS SHINE A GOOD LIGHT ON NUDISM? Ever wonder way other minority groups have all kind of rights and we're still behind closed doors and 7 foot fences and have to fight like hell to keep C/O and nude beaches open? This is why. People who post topics like this on nudist forums, hetros and gays who use nude beaches as fresh air swing clubs and free peep shows, do nothing to further nudists rights. If your a true nudist it's time to all start to stand up and tell these people where to go and not let a small group ruin a good thing, like seems to be the norm lately.
  13. The topic is a good topic for adults to discuss. The irony is that the original post (creator of the topic) surely had other intentions. Also, possibly a couple more posts thereafter sound inappropriate comments on a very serious issue. Yet, this is just as much a serious topic that should be appropriate to discuss, especially if nudists want to promote nudism. Unfortunately, I am sure it is not all daisys & sweetness growing in the nudist community - this is one of the many issues that exist. (Like other violent crimes.) I like the positive aspects promoted but life is going on in all directions(outside/inside the nudist community.)
  14. Cheri and imnude2, I had my husband look at this topic to see if he thought that maybe I had over reacted. He feels that the topic is valid, that new nudist should have these type of concerns answered. He does feel that the original post is in bad taste,and some that follow.Everyone knows what rape is and what's involved, the poster, for what ever reason,felt they had to add an unneeded description. Like he said what's next pictures and diagrams. He does understand where I'm coming from ,we have got to be a little more careful of how we present ourselfs to nonnudists and to those thinking of becoming involved.
  15. From my point of view, as a seasoned nudist.. I do agree that this topic, and others like it, COULD be serious questions posed by someone new to this lifestyle. I tend to agree with Cheri in assuming it is, and answering it as such. If the intent of the poster of topics like this one, is to fuel some fantasy or sexual discussion, and we all answer in a mature manner, the person will loose interest and move on. If they were posing a real question, than we hopefully gave them some good advice. Either way a win-win for us on the board.
  16. I went back and checked over my previous post. It does appear as though I have sort of contradicted myself here. I suppose origionally this thread did appear to me to be a little "fishy". Maybe it is or isnt. I always get a certain "vibe" off threads and by the wording o fthe origional question..I got a weird vibe off this one. BUT, what I AM saying is just in case, the poster is a "rookie nudist" and/or might not understand what nudism is and isnt about. Attempts to seriously answer a question such as the one asked here, are ok too. There, I should be a politician!!:)
  17. I am sorry for the obsurdity of my original post however I did have a valid curiousity. The description was uneeded, I agree. I admit that at first I was trying to be a "troll" i guess whatever that is. I just wanted to get some kicks since I initially thought that nudity was completely wrong. I now realize that nudism is not sexual and that it is very peaceful. Sorry about not having any information in my profile. I am from Columbia, SC and I have told Cheri that I am from there. I now like to be nude and I sleep nude every night. Nudism feels free and it is enjoyable. Sorry for any offensive remarks.

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